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Project ‘Rekreative Ruter’ (Recreational Routes) is a joint Scandinavian initiative which seeks to strengthen walking and cycling based tourism, and increase the degree of development of small businesses across regional - and national borders in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

See this small video about the project:

The project’s vision is for more citizens and tourists to take advantage of the exciting experiences that are already available on the cycling and walking routes along Kattegat, Skagerrak and the Baltic Sea. The project means to increase the quality of facilities and services along the routes, and improve accessibility to the routes by means of public transportation.

At the same time, interactive communication about the different areas’ natural and cultural history is part of making the routes an attractive option for both tourists and citizens, including those who do not normally make use of walking and cycling routes in their leisure time.

Finally, the aim of the ‘Recreational Routes’ project is to strengthen the base for small businesses and local producers, who wish to supply the users of the routes with relevant products and services.

The Project ran for a period of 3 years (2010-2012) and had a total budget of nearly 5 million Euros. ‘Recreational Routes’ has around 70 partners from Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

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